The International Status of the United Nations

The International Status of the United Nations

The International Status of the United Nations

The International Status of the United Nations


The present work, in its original form, was a dissertation presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in the Faculty Political Science, Columbia University. The revised manuscript was completed before the Security Council authorized the Secretary-General to establish a United Nations Force for the Republic of the Congo. This decision, and the measures taken to implement it, again illustrate several aspects of the international legal personality of the Organization, and support and strengthen the conclusions which this study has reached.

In the preparation of the basic version of this book the writer has had the benefit of the vast knowledge in the field of international law of Dr. Philip C. Jessup, Hamilton Fish Professor of International Law and Diplomacy, Columbia University. The first and foremost acknowledgment is made to Professor Jessup for his valuable advice and constructive criticism. To Professor Oliver J. Lissitzyn of Columbia University, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for his detailed examination of the thesis and for his wise counsel.

I am also indebted to the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law and to its Director, Willis L. M. Reese, Charles Evans Hughes Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, Columbia University, and to Dr. Wolfgang G. Friedmann, Professor of Law and Director of International Legal Research, Columbia University, for the grants which they so generously made available toward the publication of the book.

I wish to acknowledge with sincere thanks the assistance rendered to me in my research by Mrs. Florence F. Zagayko of the Columbia Law Library, and by J. Myron Jacobstein now of the University of Colorado Law School Library. In addition, I wish to record my appreciation to Professor Miles O. Price for his preparation of the index, and to Mrs. Nina M. Galston of the Parker School for her co-operation in preparing the manuscript for the printer.

Finally, I should like to express my everlasting gratitude to my parents, to whom this book is dedicated, for their inspiration, encouragement, understanding and financial support, the latter of which made this study possible.


Morningside Heights February 1961 . . .

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