Violence and Terror in the Mass Media: An Annotated Bibliography

Violence and Terror in the Mass Media: An Annotated Bibliography

Violence and Terror in the Mass Media: An Annotated Bibliography

Violence and Terror in the Mass Media: An Annotated Bibliography


"Originally a Unesco project, this annotate bibliography results from more than 4,600 requests to media scholars and researchers for research reports, publications, and other information relating to violence and terrorism. Although there is an international cast to the materials, most are from the U.S. Even though violence and terrorism permeate our myths and legends, there is increasing concern with their effect on viewers. This bibliography is particularly timely, with entries through spring 1987. The sections of the work (mass media content, mass media effects, pornography and the media, terrorism and the media) give a better idea of the work's scope than does the title." Choice "[T]he annotations are clearly written, succinctly descriptive of the original work's research with test groups, and evaluative of research results." Reference Books Bulletin


This annotated bibliography began as a project of UNESCO commissioned in the fall of 1984. Over 4,600 requests for research reports, papers, publications, and other information pertaining to the subject of violence and terrorism in the mass media were mailed to scholars listed in the World Director of Mass Communication Researchers (Library of Knowledge of the Press, Vol. XVII, Cracow, Poland, 1984), the membership list of the International Association for Mass Communications Research, and other international lists. This bibliography is based on material received in response to those requests and a search of major libraries between 1985 and 1987.

Although the majority of studies came from the United States, an effort was made to obtain and include studies from all countries where relevant research has been conducted. Communications research in general and media violence studies in particular have had the widest reach in the United States.

The bibliography focuses upon research and scholarly works relating to violence and terror. It does not attempt to evaulate, methodologically or substantively, the research, publications, or approaches that have been included. Careful reading of the annotations, however, clearly indicate how and where the research converges.

The bibliography examines four major areas: violence and mass media content, violence and mass media effects, terrorism and the mass media, and pornography. Consisting primarily of articles published in scholarly journals and books, this bibliography also includes articles from popular journals, reports published by the U.S. and other governments, as well as some conference papers and relevant dissertations. Each entry consists of the bibliographic citation and a short abstract describing the results.

This bibliography includes most, if not all, relevant articles published through the spring of 1987. For future reference, readers should refer to the following scholarly journals for studies relating violence and terrorism in the mass media: Journal of Communication, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journalism Quarterly: and Public Opinion Quarterly.

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