A Constitution for the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain


We do not seek in this book to attempt any indictment of what is commonly known as the Capitalist System. The situation which has to be faced is that, at the present moment, that system, as a coherent whole, as demonstrably broken down. From one end of the civilised world to the other it has, at least among the young generation that is growing up, lost its moral authority. Whole nations have avowedly rejected it as the basis of their social and economic structure; and, in allcountries of advanced industrialism, great masses of people are increasingly refusing to accept it as a permanent institution. Among Socialists of all schools of thought, in all nations, there is no difference of opinion as to the purpose of the economic, social and political reconstruction that they recognise as Socialism. Under the Capitalist System the government of industry is vested in the hands of a relatively small fraction of the community, namely, the private owners of the instruments of production.


This Dictatorship of the Capitalist is directed fundamentally to one end -- the extraction of the largest attainable income for the owners of the land and capital in the form of interest, profit and rent. The economic result in Great Britain -- and we believe that much the same is true of other countries of . . .

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 1920


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