Leadership in Times of Change: A Handbook for Communication and Media Administrators

Leadership in Times of Change: A Handbook for Communication and Media Administrators

Leadership in Times of Change: A Handbook for Communication and Media Administrators

Leadership in Times of Change: A Handbook for Communication and Media Administrators


This book addresses many of the issues facing new and seasoned communication and media administrators. Though there are business-oriented management and leadership books, there is no handbook--to the editor's knowledge--that emphasizes academic administration. This book fills an important gap in the literature by providing--in one place--interesting, important, and useful information that will help administrators by anticipating problems and suggesting strategies for the variety of challenges they face.

This scholarly, anecdotal, useful, and very readable volume is conceived as an action handbook that contains philosophical, theoretical, and practical information. It is divided into three sections: background material, programmatic challenges facing administrators, and specific challenges facing administrators. It contains information that both the seasoned administrator and those faculty who are thinking about moving into administration will find useful. Although aimed at the communication and media disciplines, administrators in other fields will also find it valuable. In addition, deans and vice presidents outside the discipline who are responsible for communication and media programs will view the book a "must" read.


Useful books on administration need to walk a tightrope between being too general and too specific. On one hand are the general platitudes about such things as leadership that provide the grist for inspirational speeches. On the other hand are the detailed, situation-specific case studies that seem to have little relevance beyond their limited sphere. This book tries to walk the tightrope by providing both broad principles and specifics, both theory and practice.

From federal mandates to fund raising; from leadership strategies to specifics about being an administrator in graduate education, distance learning or community colleges; from defining the field to acknowledging our social responsibility, the authors in this volume represent hundreds of years of combined administrative experience. This book is meant as a handbook for potential administrators trying to determine the challenges involved in administration; for new administrators who need to quickly learn about the multifaceted responsibilities of administration; and, for seasoned administrators who may want a quick reference guide to some of the "meatier" challenges of administration.

Part I of the book lays out a number of background issues facing administrators including accountability, defining the field, international linkages, and social responsibility. Part ii presents broad programmatic challenges involved with being an administrator of hybrid (speech and media), community college, graduate, experiential learning, or distant education programs. Part iii concentrates on specific challenges faced by most administrators including defining one's leadership style, fundraising, reacting to calls for downsizing and realign-

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