The Reconstruction of Humanity

The Reconstruction of Humanity

The Reconstruction of Humanity

The Reconstruction of Humanity


If this plan for personal, social, and cultural transformation is carried through, international and civil wars are likely to be eliminated, interpersonal and intergroup conflicts largely abolished, vast creative forces released, and an unprecedented renaissance of human values ushered in.

If the plan is replaced by a mere patching up of the tattered fragments of our existing social order, new wars and other catastrophes will inevitably ensue, and inglorious self-destruction will terminate the creative career of humanity.

The book is a nontechnical introduction to a series of technical researches carried on at the present time by the author in co-operation with a few eminent and young scholars. Though each of its main statements can be backed by a vast body of evidence, most of this together with the large array of relevant literature is omitted, so as to make the book available to intelligent lay readers. The full body of evidence and literature will be presented in special publications of the technical researches mentioned.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Eli Lilly and the Lilly Foundation for their generous financial help in connection with these researches.


Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.

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