Philosophies of Science/Feminist Theories


This book presents the current feminist critique of science & the philosophy of science in such a way that students of philosophy of science, philosophers, feminist theorists, & scientists will find the material accessible & intellectually rigorous. Contemporary feminist debate, as well as the debate brought on by the radical critics of science, assumes-incorrectly-that certain movements in philosophy of science & science-driven theory are understood in their dynamics as well as in their details. All too often, labels such as "Kuhnian" or "positivistic" are taken for granted, & much of the contemporary post-modern or post-structuralist feminist theory that sets out to criticize science does little to alleviate the reader's lack of knowledge with regard to such movements. Unlike other texts, Philosophies of Science: Feminist Theories provides a student-oriented framework so that, for example, positivism is given a thorough grounding before the feminist critique of such epistemological theory is given. Other movements discussed include the Kuhnian turn, sociology of science, & the radical critique of science. Feminist theory & critique are interwoven throughout, with one chapter devoted to feminist thought, which includes the work of such thinkers as Longino, Hararway, Hubbard, Nelson, Harding, & Keller. Contents: Introduction. A Historical Overview of Positivism. A Look at Positivism Continued. Kuhnian & Like Responses. Philosophy of Science & Sociology of Science. Feminist Philosophy of Science. Radical Critiques of Science. Naturalized Epistemology as the Basis for a New Philosophy of Scientific Confirmation. Conclusion.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1998


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