Church and State in America: A Bibliographical Guide The Colonial and Early National Periods


Introduction by John F. Wilson Church-State Issues in the Period of the Civil War by William F. Deverell Church-States Issues in Reconstruction and the Culture of the Southern States by Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr. Social Justice in an Industrial Society by Mark S. Massa Immigration and Urbanization: Changing Patterns of Religious and Cultural Authority by Richard Hughes Seager Church and State at the Turn of the Century: Missions and Imperialism, Bureaucratization, and War, 1898-1920 by James D. Beumler Church-State Issues in the Twenties and Thirties by Richard D. Horn America Emerges as a World Power: Religion, Politics, and Nationhood, 1940-1960 by James D. Beumler Religion and the Nation: 1960 to the Present by David Harrington Watt Religion and Education: 1870 to the Present by John W. Lowe, Jr. Religion and Law in the United States: 1870 to the Present by Winnifred F. Sullivan Women and Religion in America, 1870-1920 by Elizabeth B. Clark Index Contributors

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  • Randall H. Balmer
  • Mark Valeri
  • Leigh Eric Schmidt
  • Elizabeth B. Clark
  • John R. Fitzmier
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  • 1986


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