Makers of Astronomy

Makers of Astronomy

Makers of Astronomy

Makers of Astronomy


This book is based on two courses of 'Elder Lectures' delivered at the Royal Technical College, Glasgow, in the winters of 1930-1 and 1931-2. It is published in the hope that it may serve not only as a popular introduction to the life-work of the chief modern astronomers, but also as a book of reference containing information not readily accessible to the general reader.

The book does not claim to be in any sense exhaustive. Reasons of space have necessitated the exclusion of many distinguished names. This exclusion has not been carried out, however, in any arbitrary way. Despite their contributions to astronomy, such men as Clerk-Maxwell, Doppler, and Helmholtz have been left out because they were first and foremost physicists; and among contemporary scientists Einstein and Jeans are omitted because they are primarily mathematicians. Other intellectual giants, such as Clairaut, Gauss, and Newcomb, have been passed over for the reason that their researches do not lend themselves to popular exposition.

It has been found possible to include only a few living astronomers, and these have been chosen because their work has resulted in some striking advance in astronomy. As the book is intended to be of a more or less popular character, I have dispensed with footnotes referring to the many authorities--books, periodicals, and papers--which have been consulted in its preparation.

H. M.


February 1933 . . .

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