The Art of Jacob Epstein

The Art of Jacob Epstein

The Art of Jacob Epstein

The Art of Jacob Epstein


There is no verbal road to plastic appreciation. To explain a work of art is not alone a fruitless, but an impossible task. And indeed there is no need for it. Any work of art constitutes a new experience and we can all react to it without lessons or knowledge of theoretical aesthetics.

A book about an artist can validly offer two things--some facts about the personality and life of the man, and reproductions of his work.

Epstein was once asked to write an introduction for the catalogue of one of his shows. He wrote just one line--a quotation:

"I rest silent in my work."

This is an idea to be respected. What text is given here concerns itself with the artist only in order to answer two questions: Who is he? What has he done?

Beyond this there are the reproductions and they are offered with as little speculation and comment as possible, so that they may speak freely and in their own tongue.

New York, N. Y., 1942 Robert Black . . .

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