Alfred E. Smith, an American Career

Alfred E. Smith, an American Career

Alfred E. Smith, an American Career

Alfred E. Smith, an American Career


It has become quite fashionable in recent years for some intellectuals to question the validity of the American theory of government. Lovers of America, the classic example of democracy, should meet this challenge.

Dictatorships have sprung up in Europe which are symptomatic of an impatience with the deliberate process of parliamentary government as an efficient tool, of the state to carry out policies necessary for critical situations.

Can democracy meet the test of states confronting a crisis? Can it be made the instrument for realizing the aspirations of the common man conscious of a new status? Can it do justice to the farmer, the laborer, the brain-worker and the business interests caught in the chaos of post-war conditions?

Realizing the deep issue raised in this challenge to democracy by minority government, I have set forth in this book the record of a man with whom the rule of the majority has been the cardinal unit of his political faith. He typifies the kind of leadership developed in a republic born of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. He is essentially the product of the opportunities afforded by our American institutions.

The book is the outcome of personal contact, a study of private sources of information and public records and documents.

If it will help to strengthen one man's faith in democracy as an instrument for bringing a better day to those whom Governor Smith loves to call the "rank and file of the people," this story of an American career will not have been told in vain.

In its preparation, the stimulus and criticism of one is greatly acknowledged -- my wife.


New York, May, 1924.

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