Studies in Civilization

Studies in Civilization

Studies in Civilization

Studies in Civilization


The Mycenean Civilization 1

Alan J. B. Wace

Exact Science in Antiquity 23

Otto E. Neugebauer

The Artistic and Intellectual Contribution of Greece 33

William S. Ferguson

The Heritage of the Roman Laws 47

Arthur E. R. Boak

The Medieval Pattern of Life 57

Edward K. Rand

The Institutional Pattern of the Middle Ages: Inheritance and Legacy 69

Arthur C. Howland

Literature and Learning 77

Charles G. Osgood

The Search for the Heroic Poem 89

William J. Entwistle

Unifying Factors in the Development of Modern Ideas 105

John H. Randall, Jr.

Some Sceptical Observations (While They Are Still Possible) on the Relationship of Economic and Political Developments in Modern Europe to Contemporary Political Totalitarianism and Economic Determinism 119

Carlton J. H. Hayes

England's Contribution to Constitutional Government 133

Charles H. McIlwain

World Currents in American Civilization 143

Arthur M. Schlesinger

A Century of American Poetry 157

Charles Cestre

Tradition and Rebellion: European Patterns in the Literature of America 177

Stanley T. Williams

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