The Ethics of Redistribution

The Ethics of Redistribution

The Ethics of Redistribution

The Ethics of Redistribution


I feel honoured that I was invited to give these lectures in Cambridge, and by the famous college of Corpus Christi, that they should now be published by the Cambridge University Press, and introduced by Sir Will Spens. Would that the offering were worthier of such patrons!

Generous friends helped to deck it out, as a plain girl invited to an unwonted feast. Never has so slight a piece benefited by so much excellent advice.

Mr and Mrs Patrick Bury kindly eradicated my major errors of form, though they could not remedy the clumsiness attendant upon the use of a foreign language. Dr Ronald F. Henderson, Professor Ely Devons of Manchester, and Professor Milton Friedmann of Chicago read the proofs for economic barbarisms, Professor Willmoore Kendall of Yale read them as a political theorist.

It would be an ill return for their most generous help to saddle them with any responsibility for my views and the errors I may have persevered in.

I trust it will be clear to the reader that this little essay is in no way meant as a contribution to the great debate on income redistribution; but rather as an attempt to stress values commonly disregarded in this debate. Contributions to civilization cannot be rightly assessed in national income calculations.


9 May 1951 . . .

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