Recent American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1951

Recent American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1951

Recent American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1951

Recent American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1951


In 1948 the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate requested the staff of the Committee, in collaboration with the Department of State, to arrange in a single volume, the more important documents and official statements bearing upon the foreign policy of the United States in the period following our entrance into World War II. Early in 1950 the project was completed and issued by the Government Printing Office under the title of A Decade of American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents 1941-1949.

The volume was designed especially to help members of Congress in their consideration of the basic problems involved in the development of American foreign policy since the War. It was favorably received both in government and academic circles. As a consequence, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., invited the editors to reduce the work in size so that it might be published for wider circulation.

The general format of the original volume has been retained. Some fifty or sixty important documents have been added to cover the period through 1950 and early 1951. Extensive editing and excerpting has resulted in the elimination of considerable material which seems of less importance now in the light of historical perspective. Finally, brief editorial notes have been added which are designed to place each document in its proper setting and to give some continuity to the development of American policy.

The editors have undertaken the assignment because they are convinced that a first-hand knowledge of the basic documents is essential for an understanding of American foreign policy. They are in complete agreement with the publisher that a suitable collection lay at hand in the parent volume upon which this work is based.

No effort has been made to bring about uniformity of style or consistency in spelling. Except for the extensive excerpting done by the editors, the documents are reproduced as they first appeared.

Acknowledgment should be accorded the many contributors who helped prepare the original collection, notably E. Taylor Parks, Robert Lambert, Velma H. Cassidy, Marion S. Terrell, Beatrice C. Wharton, and the late Harley Notter of the State Department; Richard Heindel and Morella Hansen . . .

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