Thomas Eakins: His Life and Work

Thomas Eakins: His Life and Work

Thomas Eakins: His Life and Work

Thomas Eakins: His Life and Work


In presenting this first book on Thomas Eakins, I wish to express my gratitude to the Whitney Museum of American Art, and to its Director, Juliana R. Force, whose sympathetic and wholehearted support made the book in its present form possible, and whose generosity enabled me to spend the time necessary for research and writing, and enabled the work to be published in the most complete style.

I also wish to acknowledge my deep indebtedness to others who have helped me:

To my friend Reginald Marsh, long an admirer of Eakins' work, who encouraged me to undertake the book and generously assisted me to do so, and whose keen artistic insight has been a constant stimulus to me in writing it.

To Mrs. Thomas Eakins for her invaluable cooperation in furnishing information about her husband and his work, and in placing at my disposal his correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts, and other biographical material which she had carefully preserved. Without her interest, her patient work, and her clear memory, the book could not have been written.

To others who have given me much valuable personal information, especially: Samuel Murray, Eakins' favorite pupil and intimate friend; Miss Mary Adeline Williams, close friend of the artist and Mrs. Eakins; his sister Mrs. William J. Crowell; his pupil Charles Bregler, who recorded his sayings and kindly allowed me to publish them; his pupils Thomas J. Eagan, James Wright, David Wilson Jordan, James L. Wood, Frank B. A. Linton, and Francis J. Ziegler; and his friends Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Douty, Mrs. Stanley Addicks, Clarence W. Cranmer, Mrs. James Mapes Dodge, Mrs. Mary Hallock Greenewalt, Mrs. Lucy Langdon W. Wilson, Adolphe Borie, Ernest Lee Parker, and the late Professor Leslie W. Miller.

To the owners of pictures who have allowed me to see them or have furnished information about them, or have courteously permitted me to reproduce them.

To Henri G. Marceau, Curator of Fine Arts of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art, for assistance in gathering information for the catalogue; and to Forbes Watson, Editor of "The Arts, "for permission to reprint Eakins' sayings.

And to Betty Burroughs and Katherine Schmidt, who listened patiently to many readings of the text, and made valuable suggestions.

L. G.

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