Airwaves: A Collection of Radio Editorials from the Golden Apple

Airwaves: A Collection of Radio Editorials from the Golden Apple

Airwaves: A Collection of Radio Editorials from the Golden Apple

Airwaves: A Collection of Radio Editorials from the Golden Apple


"AirWaves!," a collection of more than thirty, years of editorials and commentary given by William O'Shaughnessy, encompasses a wide spectrum of Westchester life, from politics to just plain citizens.

O'Shaughnessy, hailed "The Squire of Westchester, " by former governor Mario Cuomo, brings together a retrospective for the Golden Apple, Westchester County providing the reader with not only a slice of his articulate style and graceful persona, but also an historiography of events and happenings in and around the county.


Bill O'Shaughnessy is one of our great under-appreciated commodities. Everybody knows how charming and glib he is. He's been given accolades for being a big radio man. I've known him a long, long time. He is a lover; he really, truly is a lover. I understand he can do his thing commercially, and this is often a very difficult world. But he is a lover. That's not an easy thing to be--and be accepted for it. He's a person who believes that you ought to try to make things better for everybody. He doesn't do it perfectly, but nobody works harder at it and nobody does it better than he does. He loves the word "sweet," and it's an intelligent, strong person who-- unabashedly--is in favor of sweetness. I am! I have worked it into every speech I've ever written. and part of the reason is O'Shaughnessy. He gives us the constant inspiration to take the terrible turmoil of this place and try to add to it a little bit of--sweetness. To the extent that I succeeded at all is largely because of Bill O'Shaughnessy.

He's a special friend of mine, and we call him "Brother Bill." the Squire of Westchester is intelligent and highly talented, as he's proved by running his two excellent radio stations so successfully. He's also an especially gifted writer and speaker. He has eloquence, charm, dash, good looks--Lord knows how far he could go in this republic if, somehow, he could overcome his terrible shyness!

Bill O'Shaughnessy can't describe a scene as well as Breslin. He's not as "easy" a writer as Pete Hamill. But when he's "on his game," O'Shaughnessy is better than anyone on the air or in print. I've urged him for years to seek a wider forum for his talents.

Mario M. Cuomo

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