The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico

The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico

The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico

The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico


During the many years that this study was, intermittently, in progress, I was assisted by many persons and institutions, and I wish here to acknowledge my deep indebtedness to them and to thank them warmly for their generous aid and many kindnesses.

I went into the field in September 1928, with financial support from the Southwest Society, the façade behind and the "organization" with which Dr. Elsie Clews Parsons assisted many ethnologists. I began my fieldwork among the Keres under the tutelage of Dr. Parsons, and she gave me generously of her time and vast knowledge for many years. I would like to dedicate "The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico" to her memory.

Also in the fall of 1928, the Social Science Research Council enabled me to extend my investigations at Sia (and neighboring pueblos) with a grant. Most of the financial support for this study, however, has come from the University of Michigan, through a number of grants from the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, and a halfyear's sabbatical leave from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

I am indebted to the Bureau of American Ethnology for access to their manuscript and photographic material. The U.S. National Museum helped me to examine Sia specimens in their collections and generously supplied me with many photographs of them. My warm thanks to the members of their staffs who helped me on numerous occasions.

I enjoyed the hospitality and facilities of the Laboratory of Anthropology, Museum of New Mexico, for months at a time upon more than one occasion. And I was most generously assisted by members of their staff, especially Dr. K. M. Chapman, Stanley Stubbs, Bruce T. Ellis, and others. I am indebted to the late Mr. Stubbs and to the University of Oklahoma Press for permission to use (with some amplification) the aerial photograph of Sia in Bird's-Eye View of the Pueblos.

I obtained many data on farming, stock raising, school attendance, and other matters from the United Pueblos Agency. From the United States Public Health Service and also from the United Pueblos Agency I obtained much information concerning health, sanitation, and diet at Sia. Both of these organizations were most cooperative and helpful.

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