Seven Plays

Seven Plays

Seven Plays

Seven Plays


SCENE: A courtroom. The judge is on the bench, etc. Twelve men are in the jury box.

CLERK: Mr. Summers, take the vacant place in the jury box.

GRAY: What's your name?

SUMMERS: John Summers.

GRAY: Mr. Summers, what is your occupation?

SUMMERS: Electrical engineer.

GRAY: Are you in business for yourself?

SUMMERS: Yes, sir, at 1 Madison Avenue.

GRAY: Mr. Summers, are you opposed to capital punishment?


GRAY: Do you know Robert Strickland, the defendant in this case? Stand up, Strickland.

(STRICKLAND rises, his right arm in a sling.)


(STRICKLAND resumes his seat.)

GRAY: Do you know anyone related to him?


GRAY: Did you know Gerald Trask, for whose murder Strickland is on trial?

SUMMERS: No. I've often read the gentleman's name in the papers, but I never met him.

GRAY: Do you know Mrs. Trask, the widow of the murdered man?


GRAY: Do you know Stanley Glover, who was Mr. Trask's private secretary at the time of his death?

SUMMERS (uncertain): Glover? I'm not sure.

GRAY: Call Mr. Glover.

ATTENDANT (opens door left): Stanley Glover.

(GLOVER enters left.)

GRAY: This is Mr. Glover.

SUMMERS: No; I don't know him.

GRAY: You may retire, Mr. Glover.

(GLOVER exits left.)

GRAY: Do you know anyone associated with the District Attorney's office, or Mr. Arbuckle, the defendant's attorney?


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