Taming City Hall: Rightsizing for Results

Taming City Hall: Rightsizing for Results

Taming City Hall: Rightsizing for Results

Taming City Hall: Rightsizing for Results


People are no longer tolerant of government as usual. They are making themselves heard loud and clear at the ballot box. But can elected officials respond to this mandate without significant trade offs to bureaucracies, special interest, or organized labor? "Taming City Hall" is the remarkable story of how one government's leadership "rightsized" Corvallis, Oregon.

Corvallis, Oregon has been recognized as perhaps the first city in the country to employ rightsizing successfully and measure the results. "Taming City Hall" includes illustrations, key performance indicators, anecdotes, and actual rightsizing documents.


The message of this book is crucial for local governments today. They can "do more with less." They can regain citizens' respect and trust.

The city of Corvallis found itself in a situation common at many levels of government today -- everyone felt at the mercy of the system. Special interests, unions, and bureaucrats were all accused of controlling it, yet no one was satisfied with the results. But the people of Corvallis worked together to tackle the root problem. They found answers to some tough questions: Why did they have a government at all? How did it need to change so that it was once again responsive to their needs? What could be better accomplished by systems other than "government"? In a word, they "reconstituted" themselves -- a critical element of our system of governance that is often overlooked today.

The success of Gerald Seals and the people of Corvallis in rightsizing demonstrates how essential it is that we concentrate on the basics: What is the purpose of government? Now heralded as the latest and greatest in public policy, rightsizing is at its core a concept as old as our republic: that people must through reflection and choice determine how best to govern themselves. The leaders of Corvallis simply went . . .

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