Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness

Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness

Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness

Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness


This volume contains essays on Catholic theology in the university.


Interest today in Catholic higher education can be noted especially in a number of important publications: the papal document Ex Corde Ecclesiae; Catholic Universities in Church and Society, ed. John P. S. J. Langan (Georgetown University Press, 1993);Alice O. S. U. Gallin , American Higher Education: Essential Documents, 1967, 1990 (University of Notre Dame Press, 1992); Theological Education in the Catholic Tradition, ed.Patrick W. Carey and Earl C. S. J. Muller (Crossroad Publishing, 1997); and a number of others, as well as numerous journal articles. One of the major interests is the question of the integration of theology with the other disciplines in a liberal arts program. Each of the essays in this book presents a different approach to the general theme of the place of theology in Catholic university studies.

The essays are here arranged in a "general to specific" order, the first four essays emphasizing theory, and the others more specific considerations, although some theory is always present as well as historical background in a few of the essays.

Dennis Hamm, S.J. is a biblical scholar and professor in the Department of Theology at Creighton University. He has published in biblical journals and a book, The Beatitudes in Context (Michael Glazier, 1990). His essay reviews the Ignatian system of education, especially as outlined in the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus. He indicates four core elements which pertain to educational work today, noting, among other methods and teaching, the orderly appropriation of the best synthesis of the Catholic tradition and the dialogue between the best current synthesis of this tradition and the best of secular learning. Fr. Hamm draws out some implications, especially with regard to the place of theology in present-day university studies.

Philip Gleason is Professor Emeritus of History at St. Louis University. the content of his essay, "Vehicle of the Great Tradition: Saint Louis University and Catholic Higher Education in the United States," is drawn from his book, Confronting Modernity: Catholic Higher Education in the Twentieth Century. His essay was the Henri de Lubac inaugural lecture in the annual lecture series in historical theology at St. Louis University, 29 February, 1996. the article appears in Theology Digest, Summer 1996.

The author traces the development of Catholic higher education, and especially, Jesuit higher education, in the United States, using Saint Louis University as a prism in describing the different stages and the influence of the University in this development.

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