The Politics of Religion and Social Change: Religion and the Political Order - Vol. 2


The interaction of faith and governance is an undeniable reality of the contemporary global scene. The last two decades have witnessed the takeover of Iran by Islamic reactionaries, the involvement of the Catholic hierarchy in the issues of abortion and nuclear war, acts of religious terrorism, and the rising influence of Christian evangelists in American politics. This book explores the relationships of religion to political and social change. It is the second in a four-volume series examining the interaction of politics and religion around the world. In this volume, renowned scholars address such topics as the role of the Catholic church in the redemocratization of Brazil, the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India, Mormon assimilation and politics, and alturnative views of Zionism. Our grasp of international affairs depends on our understanding or how religion and politics interface. Thus, the essays in this volume offer important and valuable insight.>

Additional information

  • 2
Includes content by:
  • Eileen Barker
  • Armand L. Mauss
  • Anson Shupe
  • John Heinerman
  • Thomas C. Bruneau
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1988


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