D. H. Lawrence and America

D. H. Lawrence and America

D. H. Lawrence and America

D. H. Lawrence and America



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Preliminary Remarksix

I. First Relations with America (1911-1914)

1. America and Lawrence's Early Works13

2. Lawrence and the Imagists16

II. America as Place of Refuge (1914-1918)

1. The War, The Rainbow, and the Expulsion from Cornwall23

2. The Origin of the Studies28

III. The Studies in Classic American Literature (1918-1923)

1. The Spirit of Place39

2. Benjamin Franklin45

3. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur50

4. Fenimore Cooper's White Novels53

5. Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Novels57

6. Edgar Allan Poe63

7. Nathaniel Hawthorne66

8. The Two Principles74

9. Dana's Two Years Before the Mast76

10. Herman Melville's Typee and Omoo80

11. Herman Melville's Moby Dick83

Chapter Page

12. Walt Whitman85

13. The Studies in the Opinion of Literary Critics91

14. Some Conclusions99

IV. America as Centre of Interest (1918-1922)

1. The Decision to Go to America105

2. The Influence of Whitman113

3. Lawrence and Democracy119

V. Lawrence in America (1922-1925)

1. Mabel Dodge and Taos129

2. Lawrence and the Americans (I)132

VI. Last Relations with America (1925-1930)

1. Lawrence and the Americans (II)145

2. The Last Years153

VII. Appendix: A History of Lawrence's Reputation in America and Europe163




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