Bermuda Holiday

Bermuda Holiday

Bermuda Holiday

Bermuda Holiday


"Where the remote Bermudas ride In the ocean's bosom unespied."

It is some three hundred years since Andrew Marvell wrote these lines, and in a changing world the Bermudas still adorn the ocean, although no longer remote. But their loveliness remains. Set in the midst of the Atlantic these green islands, with their pink sands and coral reefs, basking in the sun under a clear blue sky, present a picture of infinite charm--a picture moreover which is forever changing, for the color of the sea advances with the day from a dark gray through pink at dawn to deepest blue, and as the day lengthens, to every shade of blue and green; and when the shadows fall and evening comes it vanishes in a blaze of red and gold to reappear under the moon splashed with silver.

The traveler whose star leads him to these happy isles will surely count himself fortunate, for their charm grows with closer acquaintance, and their calm and peace are a solace alike to body and mind. Of them it can also be said--

"Fair clime! Where every season smiles Benignant o'er these blesséd isles."

ALEXANDER HOOD Governor and Commander-in-Chief

Government House Bermuda February, 27, 1950 . . .

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