National Urban League: 40th Anniversary Year Book

National Urban League: 40th Anniversary Year Book

National Urban League: 40th Anniversary Year Book

National Urban League: 40th Anniversary Year Book


"I am indeed happy to extend greetings to the National Urban League Conference in the fortieth anniversary year of the Urban League movement.

"We Americans respond enthusiastically to the idea of teamwork. Whenever our country has been threatened by external enemies, we have united as a fighting team to defend our country. In the great depression, when we were threatened with economic disaster, the people of our country in a mighty joint effort beat back the threat of unemployment. In the years that lie ahead, I confidently believe we can mobilize ourselves into the same great team and reach our goals of lasting peace and prosperity."

HARRY S. TRUMAN August 25, 1950

"It is fitting that the National Urban League should seek to impress upon our Nation the fact that Negro and white Americans must cooperate effectively in winning the war, and in developing harmonious peacetime living as a foundation of lasting American democracy. The integrity of our Nation and our war aims is at stake in our attitude towards minority groups at home.

"Men of all races--black, brown, white and yellow-- fight beside us for freedom. We cannot stand before the world as a champion of oppressed peoples unless we practice as well as preach the principles of democracy for all men. Racial conflict diminishes war production, cuts down the flow of guns and planes and increases the toll of American lives. Racial strife destroys national unity at home and renders us suspect abroad."

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT September 7, 1943

"The first step toward being a good citizen is to achieve economic independence. It is the soil in which self respect takes root, and from which may then grow all the moral and spiritual enrichments of life. The work of the National Urban League to train Negroes in the city to find new lines of occupation is fundamental to the progress of the race."

HERBERT HOOVER April 1, 1929

"I have the utmost sympathy for, and confidence in, the general program of the Urban League, which I believe is calculated to accomplish much practical benefit along the lines of its general activities."

CALVIN COOLIDGE September 20, 1923

"The National Urban League has, as I understand its work, been particularly useful in its contributions toward the solution of the problem of races in the United States, because it has sought to secure the cooperation of leading people of both races in attacking these problems.

"I feel that this represents the only procedure by which we can hope for the fullest and most desirable results."

WARREN G. HARDING April 25, 1921 . . .

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