Rand McNally Bible Atlas

Rand McNally Bible Atlas

Rand McNally Bible Atlas

Rand McNally Bible Atlas


A good companion is a real treasure. That holds true not only of persons but of books like this Bible Atlas, the proper companion to Sacred Writ for Bible readers and Bible students everywhere. It enhances the value of the written word by clarifying the dimensions of time and place and is particularly helpful because it adds pictures and commentary to the maps illustrating the several periods of Biblical history.

Bible readers in America owe a special debt of gratitude to Rand Mc + ̣Nally & Company for the part it has played in supplying the present and the past with a Bible atlas. As long ago as 1884, Rand Mc + ̣Nally & Company commissioned and published the first American Bible Atlas, a handsome volume of 180 pages with numerous photographs and color maps. This pioneer effort has since then been widely imitated.

Now, as one of the publications of its Centennial Year, Rand McNally & Company is issuing its new Bible Atlas, up to date in all technical and scholarly details, more helpful than ever in its interpretative text, beautiful in its make-up and lay-out, yet in a size appropriate to the standard bookshelf, table or desk and to the format of the Bible itself.

Several years ago Rand Mc + ̣Nally & Company inquired whether I would assume editorial responsibility for and contribute to the text of the book. The circumstances in which I was involved made it impossible for me to accept the invitation, and I am happy that eventually my brother, Dr. Emil G. Kraeling, was found willing to undertake the work. In him the Bible Atlas has found an author whose standing in the scholarly and religious community, established by his many publications, is of the highest order. What he has written should commend itself to the new generation of Bible students, who, as intelligent men and women, still find the Scripture a foundation stone of the understanding of history and the well-spring of their religious life and inspiration.

If by means of this Preface I appear at all in the book, it is only to express my genuine interest in the subject, my hearty commendation of the product and my pleasure at being even remotely associated in the enterprise with my brother and with Rand Mc + ̣Nally & Company.

Carl H. Kraeling, DIRECTOR


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