Personal Adjustment in Old Age

Personal Adjustment in Old Age

Personal Adjustment in Old Age

Personal Adjustment in Old Age


The purpose of this volume is three-fold: (1) to define and to analyse the nature, patterns, and problems of personal adjustment to ageing; (2) to present the available facts about old age derived from census data and from a special survey of 2,988 older persons made by the authors; and (3) to describe two instruments for measuring adjustment in later maturity, one an Inventory of Activities and the other an Index of Attitudes.

This book is addressed to four different groups; first of all, to research workers, in the expectation that it will stimulate further studies in the field, particularly by making available two instruments for measuring personal adjustment. Already the schedule developed by this study is being used in prepublication form in a score of research projects.

Second, it is addressed to those engaged in services to the aged in the hope that it will be helpful to them in their work.

Third, it should be found useful by teachers and students of courses devoted in whole or in part to consideration of the status and problems of older persons in our society. Chapters of the book in mimeograph form met excellent response from students as required reading in a course in this field given by two of the authors.

Finally, it is anticipated that this book will be read by members of the general public, particularly by many older persons. It should appeal to those who are concerned with the problems arising in later maturity and who are interested in ways in which research methods may be applied to secure the knowledge essential for the solution of these problems.

The problems of ageing have only recently become the object both of public concern and of scientific research. The first studies in this field were upon its biological, psychological, and economic aspects. Problems of the social aspects of ageing, particularly those of personal adjustment, were the last to be investigated.

Exploratory studies of personal adjustment in later maturity have already been made and are summarized in this volume. The first . . .

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