Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky


Edwin Corle17

Jean Cocteau21

Erik Satie25

Boris de Schloezer33

Paul Klee Music, insert following page40

Cady Wells Taos Mountain, insert following page72

Henry Boys93

Eugene Goossens99

Potrait Photographs, insert following page104

Edward Weston

John Vachon

Fred Plaut

Arnold Newman

Arthur Berger105

Sir Osbert Sitwell115

Aaron Copland121

Nicolas Nabokoff123

Pablo Picasso The Three Musicians, insert following page136

Merle Armitage169

Samuel Dushkin179

Portrait Drawings, insert following194

Russell Cowles

J. E. Blanche

Marc Chagall

P. G. Napolitano

Lawrence Morton193

Robert Craft201

Cecil Smith207

David Hall217


Complete list of the works of Stravinsky231


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