America Self-Contained

America Self-Contained

America Self-Contained

America Self-Contained


WE IN the United States have today no friends among the nations of the earth, but we have many bitter enemies -- the more bitter because they are presently without the power to harm us.

This, and only this, have we accomplished by dint of nearly two decades of insistent meddling into the affairs of other nations.

We are back from our crusades, richer perhaps in experience, poorer certainly by upwards of twenty billions.

Luckily we have escaped wholly tangling our affairs with those of the world. Equally by luck we have almost achieved isolation.

Fortunately we need no friends; fortunately we need fear no enemies.

We have returned -- or have been returned -- to the posture which George Washington held as prerequisite to perfecting our freedom.

Forty international economic conferences have convinced us that we have a set of primary principles which the world at large neither shares nor desires to share.

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