Handbook of Labor Unions


This is a reference book on labor organizations wherein is presented certain factual information about each of the International and National unions which comprise the American labor movement at the present time. While some of the organizations which are included are relatively small and some are not affiliated with either the American Federation of Labor or the Congress of Industrial Organizations, all of them have membership in a number of plants and communities; no organization is included whose membership is composed solely of employees of a single company or locality.

The information in this volume has been taken almost entirely from the constitutions and by-laws of the International and National unions concerned and includes only such data about local unions as are provided in the constitutions of their parent organizations. In order to have conclusive knowledge of the rules and regulations of all labor organizations, it would, of course, be necessary to analyze the constitutions and by-laws of the 50,000 locals as well as the Internationals and Nationals. However, even though the locals of some Internationals have wide latitude in determining many of their rules and practices, the constitutions of the parent organizations provide the basic laws to which all their locals must conform.

No attempt has been made by the author to judge, interpret or evaluate the merits or shortcomings of the various laws of the unions. Nor has any effort been made to determine the effectiveness of these laws nor to discover how closely the formally adopted rules conform to actual practice. However, the author has exerted every effort to have all data checked for accuracy. It should be noted that each summary was forwarded to the union concerned for review and suggestions. A large majority of the unions responded and the author trusts that the statements concerning the few which did not answer are reasonably accurate.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U. S. Department of Labor assumes no responsibility for the statements or data in this volume, the author wishes to express her appreciation for the . . .

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Washington, DC
Publication year:
  • 1944


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