Toyohiko Kagawa still stands at the flood-tide of life. Richer and riper years lie in the womb of fas- future. It is too early to write his biography. The fascinating task of recording his whole life story the author bequeaths to an abler pen in some distant day.

But this flaming spirit--son of the mystic East--his message, bursting eruptive and glowing out of the depths of a great soul, and his adventurous life, fling out a ringing challenge to a world which has grown cold and cynical and is merely marking time.

Here is a figure who on the stage of our modern world not only speaks with the voice of a prophet, but translates into heroic living those principles and practices which through all ages have been dynamic with redemptive and creative influences.

There are two Kagawas. There is the Kagawa who has been aureoled and idealized by the fervent devotion of his friends and followers. There is also Kagawa the man of human clay fighting his way toward the heights.

The author has endeavored to present an unvarnished recital of Kagawa's twoscore and four years of life and work. He has plunged deep into Kagawa's voluminous writings and here and there has woven into the story utterances which open windows into his hidden life and reveal the workings of his mind and heart.

The paragraphs on the page opposite each new chapter, and those closing each chapter, as well as many . . .

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