USSR, a Concise Handbook

USSR, a Concise Handbook

USSR, a Concise Handbook

USSR, a Concise Handbook


During the summers of 1943 and 1944, Cornell University, with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation, offered a series of courses known as an Intensive Study of Contemporary Russian Civilization. This program was a unique educational approach to a planned and integrated study of the total civilization of a historical, geographical, and economic area.

At the time the staff felt the urgent need of a survey that would provide students with background information on the many aspects of the civilization of Russia and the Soviet Union that were being studied.

When the various members of the staff and several other scholars, each an expert in a special field, were invited to write the whole section on Russia and the USSR for the Encyclopedia Americana, it occurred to some of them that these articles, when brought together, provided the kind of basic, factual survey that was needed for an introduction to the study of the civilization of Russia and the Soviet Union.

Accordingly, with the kind permission of the Americana Corporation, Cornell University Press is now issuing these related articles in book form. Though a serious effort has been made to bring all factual material up to date, recent important events that have taken place in the Soviet Union since these articles were written could not be recorded here. It is the belief of the editor and contributors that this book will serve as a concise introduction for anyone interested in the Soviet Union.

Ernest J. Simmons

October, 1946 . . .

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