The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday

The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday

The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday

The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday


Liturgy, Love and Life: such is the mystic trinity that finds expression in this little book by François Mauriac. He employs the exceptional talent that is his in presenting to the human mind the surpassing fact of the Lord's supper and all its radiating influences as exerted in the love and life of man.

The word liturgy we here use to denote one act, in its twofold aspect -- the institution of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with its perpetuation through time; and of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ as received in Holy Communion. This central fact of religion, in its full reality, is a tremendous truth. It expresses divinity to the world. Like the Creation, like the Incarnation, it is a mighty and consoling evidence of God's interest in man.

Saint Bernard calls this mystery of Holy Thursday "the love of loves." It is the love that begets holiness; the love that pardons sinners; the love that bestows God Himself upon man's soul; the love that binds in one the human being and Christ Himself.

As a result of that union of love, the soul, united with Christ, lives a new life, a life such as that which Saint Paul describes as possessed by himself when he says, "I live, now not I but Christ liveth in me."

This sacramental reality is the theme of our author but, in addition, he dwells on the other ceremonial acts of Holy Thursday; he weighs the influence of Holy Communion upon the great and small things of daily life, so that the radiance of the Real Presence shines into every nook and cranny of our being.

We are indeed grateful to the author and the translator of this gem of Eucharistic literature.


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