Arabia Reborn

Arabia Reborn

Arabia Reborn

Arabia Reborn


King Abdul Aziz ibn Sa'ud is remaking Arabia.

A man who would have stood out among men in any generation or country, he rose out of adversity by the strength of his arm and the oneness of his purpose; he welded the warring tribes into a united nation and his wisdom is directing it on the road of modern progress.

Fourteen centuries ago, under similarly bleak conditions, an orphan boy, unlettered and untutored, gave the world a religio-social system which today governs the lives of one-fifth of the human race. Out of Arabia Deserta, the mother of many nations, came a civilization that fertilized the mind of man and initiated modern progress.

Now, the importance of the Sa'udi oil reserve is beginning to penetrate the consciousness of the American people; the requirements of our Navy and Army, of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe, and an ever increasing world need for the commodity are served in part from Sa'udi Arabia.

Yet Sa'udi Arabia's greater potentiality and importance is due to its position as the Sacred Land of Islam, where, at present, three hundred thousand Muslims -- and in the foreseeable future, one million -- gather annually from the reawakened and strategically situated Islamic countries to worship and confer.

As guest of H.R.H. Amir Faisal at the Pilgrimage of 1948, and through graciousness of the King and Crown Prince, the writer traveled considerably over Arabia Deserta, the safest country on earth, and feels that some knowledge of its background, touching casually upon certain highlights and retelling a few personal stories, may facilitate a better . . .

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