In the Shadow of Liberty: The Chronicle of Ellis Island


Mr. Corsi has written a good book. He describes in an interesting way the operation of immigration inspection, as well as the human side of Ellis Island. Himself, an immigrant, he approached his office with a sympathetic understanding not only of the viewpoint, but the heartaches of the applicant at our doors.

His description of his own landing at Ellis Island is both vivid and touching. In 1907, when the child immigrant Corsi landed at Ellis Island, it happened that I was an interpreter in the Immigration Service at that station. We were then clearing an average of five thousand immigrants a day. That is just twenty-seven years ago. Today, Corsi is the Director of the Home Relief of the City of New York, caring for hundreds of thousands of families.

Ellis Island might have its heart throbs; the rigidity of the immigration laws might have caused many individual injustices and hardships, still America is the land of opportunity. The author's own life typifies that.


Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1935


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