New Directions in Mathematics

New Directions in Mathematics

New Directions in Mathematics

New Directions in Mathematics


The conference entitled "New Directions in Mathematics" was held at Dartmouth college on November 3rd and 4th, 1961, concurrently with the dedication of a new mathematics building. The mathematics department of the college had felt that a meeting of this sort, in which experts could explore possible future developments in mathematical research and education, would be the most fitting inauguration of the new facilities. The conference became possible when funds were generously provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation which, together with Albert Bradley, had donated the building itself. Dr. John Kemeny planned and organized the conference together with Dr. Robin Robinson, who acted as chairman of the Committee on Arrangements. Dr. Robert Ritchie agreed to edit this volume of the proceedings.

The conference was an attempt to peer into the future, and the speakers were encouraged to be visionary and incautious in their predictions. The invitations to the speakers stated flatly that any topic was appropriate for discussion as long as they themselves felt that it might well be an important influence on the future of mathematics. Because of the controversial nature of such predictions, every attempt was made to keep the proceedings informal and to encourage discussion throughout the meetings.

No attempt was made in preparing this volume to modify the informal nature of the discussions or even of the addresses themselves. The proceedings were simply taped, transcribed, and cleared with the speakers involved; they appear here essentially as they were presented at the conference. The arrangement of the book is exactly the order of events at the proceedings with the addition of an appendix containing lists of the conference participants and of the educational institutions represented.

The editor wishes to express his deep thanks to Mrs. Margaret P. Andrews for her excellent transcriptions of the meetings, to Mrs. Helen Hanchett and Mrs. Nancy French for their typing of the manuscript, and to John McConnochie for his careful proofreading.

R. W. R.

August, 1962 . . .

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