The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico

The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico

The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico

The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico


The Salinas administration's reforms in Mexico generated widespread attention and questions. This book addresses those questions, examining the impact of the recent reforms on the state's relations with key social and political actors and assessing reform initiatives.


Mexico is changing, rapidly and fundamentally. Liberalization of the nation's economic and political affairs has led to a reassessment of state relations with key political and social actors--labor, the peasantry, political parties, the business community, the church--which, in turn, has resulted in further institutional reform. New forces have emerged in the country's political process; new constituencies have found a voice and are being heard; reestablishing stability--economic and political, as well as social-- has become a major government concern; and international interest in Mexico, particularly on the part of the United States, has heightened foreign scrutiny of the country's transition process.

The following collection of essays, which represents the views of eleven scholars from both Mexico and the United States, describes the background, nature, and extent of Mexico's recent institutional reforms; assesses the extent to which the reforms have been implemented; and explores the likely long-term effects of these changes. The authors also address a variety of dilemmas arising from the restructuring of state-society relations and offer proposals for adjusting and supplementing the reform process as Mexico strives to adapt to changing domestic and international realities.

A timely volume, The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico is the fourth in a continuing series coordinated by the Program on U.S.- Mexican Relations at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. The program is sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, whose generous support has made possible the publication of this and the previous volumes in the series-- Mexico and the United States: Managing the Relationship (1988), Mexico's External Relations in the 1990s (1991), and Political and Economic Liberalization in Mexico: At a Critical Juncture? (1993)--which have been published in Mexico and the United States.

As the two countries are becoming increasingly interdependent-- particularly since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed--

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