Regional Factors in National Planning and Development

Regional Factors in National Planning and Development

Regional Factors in National Planning and Development

Regional Factors in National Planning and Development


The consideration of what are called regional problems is thrust upon the attention of our Nation by a number of urgent situations. Among these are:

The increasingly clear realization of the inadequacy of single States to carry out all planning programs necessary for conserving our national resources, both natural and human, as illustrated by the widespread efforts to negotiate interstate compacts dealing with watersheds, oil conservation, labor standards, and crime prevention. (Thirty State compacts have been approved by Congress since 1918.)

The development of an extensive interstate cooperation movement. In earlier days this was expressed by the Commissioners of Uniform State Laws ( 1894), and by the Conference of Governors ( 1906). In more recent times there have appeared the Council of State Governments, the Interstate Assembly, various commissions and committees on interstate cooperation, and regional secretariats of States.

The rise of interstate metropolitan planning, as in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, St. Louis, and elsewhere.

The emergence and activity of two group-of-States planning regions--the Pacific Northwest Regional Commission and the New England Regional Planning Commission.

The establishment of more than 100 types of Federal regional areas dealing with field administration and departmental planning.

The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the proposals for the establishment of other like authorities.

The pressure of economic distress and unbalance in various agricultural-industrial areas of the United States, and the corresponding necessity of establishing subnational administration in the regions served by the several economic groups; e. g., as in the case of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration.

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