Teaching Group Dynamics: Process and Practice

Teaching Group Dynamics: Process and Practice

Teaching Group Dynamics: Process and Practice

Teaching Group Dynamics: Process and Practice


This volume concentrates on teaching group dynamics with an experiential, process focus. The procedure for instruction seeks to provide an integration of cognitive and affective components in learning how to tune into, and effectively use, group dynamics. Instructors and supervisors are provided with specific techniques for helping students understand manifestations of resistance and countertransference issues. The method assumes a process orientation, and deals with both individual and group-as-a-whole concerns. Immensely practical and classroom tested.


This book was written because current texts on group therapy did not meet my instructional needs. Many are excellent for student purposes but less so for instructional or training purposes.

I wanted a book that presented me with processes for teaching ambiguous concepts central to group dynamics: identifying resistances and knowing what to do after they are identified; helping students grow in self-awareness and knowing or documenting that such growth has taken place. I could accept that much of what I was seeking is subjective in nature, but I did want to have some assurance that the messages were being received.

Every time I began a class on group therapy/counseling I found a unique situation. In my many years of teaching no two classes have been the same. Students presented me with continuing challenges and I wanted to meet their needs and give them a solid basis for facilitating groups.

The process that I developed meets the demands of students teaching group therapy and provides for professional and personal developments. It has as its foundation the idea that the essence of the therapist is the single most important factor. Much of what is taught focuses on helping students to first understand self and then understand others.

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