Christianity and Judaism: The Deepening Dialogue

Christianity and Judaism: The Deepening Dialogue

Christianity and Judaism: The Deepening Dialogue

Christianity and Judaism: The Deepening Dialogue


Chapter One: Christians and Jews: Along a Theological Frontier, by A. Roy Eckhardt Chapter Two: What Do We Really Think of Judaism, by Philip Culbertson Chapter Three:nbsp; Probing the Jewish-Christian Reality, by Paul M. Van Buren Chapter Four:nbsp; Fulfillment Theology and the Future of Jewish-Christian Relations, by Isaac C. Rottenberg Chapter Five:nbsp; The Continuing Need for Judaism, by John Shelby Spong Chapter Six:nbsp; The Uniqueness and Universality of the Holocaust, by Michael Berenbaum Chapter Seven:nbsp; The Holocaust: Its Implications for the Church and Society Problematic, by John T. Pawlikowski Chapter Eight:nbsp; Evangelical Christians and Holocaust Theology, by Stephen T. Davis Chapter Nine:nbsp; The Impact of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue on Biblical Studies, by Eugene J. Fisher Chapter Ten:nbsp; Anti-Semitism and the Christologies of Barth, Berkouwer and Pannenberg, by Eugene B. Borowitz Chapter Eleven:nbsp; Christ Against the Jews:nbsp; A Review of Jon Sobrino's Christology Chapter Twelve:nbsp; A Decade of Catholic-Jewish Relations: A Reassessment, by Henry Siegman Chapter Thirteen:nbsp; A Response to Henry Siegman, by Edward H. Flannery Chapter Fourteen:nbsp; Judaism and Christianity:nbsp; A Theology of Co-existence, by Harold H Ditmanson Chapter Fifteen:nbsp; Toward a New Relationship Between Christians and Jews, by David Cairns


By A. Roy Eckardt

Lecture I: Faith Under the Judgment of History

I am deeply appreciative of being allowed a place in the Hugh Th. Miler Lecture series. I should like to dedicate my presentations to the memory of a dear friend, Heinz David Leuner of Breslau and London.

It is now thirty-five years since I started to think about the Christian-Jewish relation. That may be a foolhardy announcement, in view of the limitations in what I have to say. the truth is that I can be of no primary aid in the historical and biblical areas; I may be of some help from ideational and moral standpoints.

In addressing ourselves to theological-frontier questions for Christians

A.Roy Eckardt (Ph.D., Columbia; L.H.D., Hebrew Union) is Professor and Chairman, Department of Religion, Lehigh University. Writer of many books on Jewish-Christian relations and holder of numerous Fellowships, his most recent study is Long Night's Journey into Day, written in collaboration with Alice L. Eckardt. His paper was given as the Hugh Th. Miller Lecture at Christian Theological Seminary in April of 1978. During this past year he has been visiting scholar at the Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies. It is taken from Encounter, Spring, 1979, pp. 89-127 and is reprinted by permission of the publisher and the author.

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