Christianity and Judaism: The Deepening Dialogue


Chapter One: Christians and Jews: Along a Theological Frontier, by A. Roy Eckhardt Chapter Two: What Do We Really Think of Judaism, by Philip Culbertson Chapter Three:nbsp; Probing the Jewish-Christian Reality, by Paul M. Van Buren Chapter Four:nbsp; Fulfillment Theology and the Future of Jewish-Christian Relations, by Isaac C. Rottenberg Chapter Five:nbsp; The Continuing Need for Judaism, by John Shelby Spong Chapter Six:nbsp; The Uniqueness and Universality of the Holocaust, by Michael Berenbaum Chapter Seven:nbsp; The Holocaust: Its Implications for the Church and Society Problematic, by John T. Pawlikowski Chapter Eight:nbsp; Evangelical Christians and Holocaust Theology, by Stephen T. Davis Chapter Nine:nbsp; The Impact of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue on Biblical Studies, by Eugene J. Fisher Chapter Ten:nbsp; Anti-Semitism and the Christologies of Barth, Berkouwer and Pannenberg, by Eugene B. Borowitz Chapter Eleven:nbsp; Christ Against the Jews:nbsp; A Review of Jon Sobrino's Christology Chapter Twelve:nbsp; A Decade of Catholic-Jewish Relations: A Reassessment, by Henry Siegman Chapter Thirteen:nbsp; A Response to Henry Siegman, by Edward H. Flannery Chapter Fourteen:nbsp; Judaism and Christianity:nbsp; A Theology of Co-existence, by Harold H Ditmanson Chapter Fifteen:nbsp; Toward a New Relationship Between Christians and Jews, by David Cairns

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Philip Culbertson
  • Paul M. Van Buren
  • Isaac C. Rottenberg
  • John Shelby Spong
  • Michael Berenbaum
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Scranton, PA
Publication year:
  • 1983


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