Ye Olde Bluebird: A Novelette

Ye Olde Bluebird: A Novelette

Ye Olde Bluebird: A Novelette

Ye Olde Bluebird: A Novelette


She was uneasy, afraid both that the child would be put in her class that Sunday and that he wouldn't, and her husband insisted on explaining the contradictory fears, which she had not openly stated, as he drove her and the child to church. It was a favorite theme, which he conjured from almost any human relationship he became aware of.

"Homo Sapiens is by nature observer, not actor."

"I've heard all this before, Mike," she said, fearing that Helen, in the back seat, might catch on to the drift of their conversation.

"Of course you have, but you haven't believed it yet."

"It's not a matter of believing or not believing."

"Now doesn't that sound just like a good orthodox high church Episcopalian Sunday school teacher!"

"If only they were from Texas or Mississippi. But to be all the way up here--from Atlanta."

"It is perfectly reasonable," Mike said. "Where else could he have gotten the scholarship to? MY dear, be thankful that he has come here to major in pharmacy and not sociology. Otherwise your role . . .

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