The American Legion and American Foreign Policy


The purpose of this dissertation is to study the organization, procedure and program of the American Legion as a pressure group in reference to foreign policy. Following its incorporation in the year 1919, the American Legion has exercised a considerable influence upon both the domestic and foreign policy of the United States. Legion activities regarding both domestic and foreign policy have importance. But this study, which is centered solely upon the Legion's foreign program, is offered as a part of the broad investigation of American pressure groups which attempt to guide public policy in external affairs.

After a survey of the organization, procedure and techniques of the American Legion, this dissertation will examine six of the leading foreign policy programs of the Legion. Each policy will be explored in regard to the following aspects: (1) origin and development of the Legion policy, (2) support of the policy by the Legion as a pressure group, and (3) achievement or failure of the Legion's program. No attempt is made in this dissertation to defend or criticize the Legion's policies. This thesis is not an apology for the American Legion nor is it an attack upon this patriotic organization. It is simply an analysis of its foreign program and an attempt to appraise the influence of this society upon the foreign policy of the United States.

Already considerable literature upon the American Legion has appeared. Two excellent and detailed accounts of the founding and early history of the Legion have been published, one in George S. Wheat The Story of the American Legion (1919), and one in Marquis James' A History of the American Legion (1923). Marcus Duffield King Legion, published in . . .

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  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1954


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