Wages in the United States, 1914-1927

Wages in the United States, 1914-1927

Wages in the United States, 1914-1927

Wages in the United States, 1914-1927


The present volume is the fifteenth of a series of publications in which the National Industrial Conference Board presents the results of its investigations into Wages, Hours of Work and Employment in American industries. Originally, these studies were confined to manufacturing; they were gradually extended to include other branches of our economic life. The data in this volume cover, in addition to manufacturing, public utilities, anthracite mining, building trades, Class I railroads and agriculture.

The information regarding public utilities and anthracite mining has been obtained directly from employers in these fields who, like those in manufacturing industries, cooperate with the Conference Board by furnishing detailed figures requested in schedules submitted by the Board.

For other industries the Board has utilized material already in existence, but has adapted the available information to the purposes of this study and, so far as conditions permit, has made it harmonious with the treatment of manufacturing industries, which form the backbone of the study.

This volume presents a comprehensive analysis of Wages, Hours of Work and Employment in industry and in agriculture. The findings of recent years are related to pre-war conditions and thus a view is given of the development of wages and hours of work during the entire period from July, 1914 to January, 1928.

This volume is the result of an investigation conducted by Mr. Roland P. Falkner and assistants, of the Conference Board's Research Staff, under the supervision of the Board's Staff Economic Council.

In the preparation of its studies the National Industrial Conference Board avails itself of the experience and judgment of the business executives who compose its membership, and of recognized authorities in special fields, in addition to the scientific knowledge and equipment of its Research Staff. The publications of the Board thus finally represent the result of scientific investigation and broad business experience, and the conclusions expressed therein are those of the Conference Board as a body.

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