Encyclopedia of the Reagan-Bush Years


"No More Taxes ... A Thousand Points of Light ... Reaganomics". The decade of the 80s in American politics is best characterized by these campaign catchphrases, for this was the Reagan-Bush era. For the first time, the social trends, world events, popular culture, and political climate of the Reagan-Bush administrations are presented in one ready-reference. The Encyclopedia of the Reagan-Bush Years takes a detailed look at the years 1980-1992 when Ronald Reagan and George Bush were elected to the Oval Office. The volume focuses on the individuals and events that directly relate to their administrations. Enhancing the descriptive entries are a chronology, statistical charts and tables, and photographs. As an added benefit for librarians and students using this source, the volume is thoroughly cross-referenced in boldface for ease-of-use. Favoring description over judgment while at the same time offering a sense of the controversy that surrounded, and in some cases still surrounds, the events and actions of the Reagan-Bush presidencies, The Encyclopedia presents a balanced account of this period in American history. This is the perfect first-stop for students and will fill a gap in public and high school library reference collections.


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