The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler

The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler

The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler

The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler


'The Psychopathic God' is the definitive psychological portrait of Adolf Hitler. By documenting accounts of his behavior, beliefs, tastes, fears, and compulsions, Robert Waite sheds new light on his complex figure.


During the years since The Psychopathic God was first published in 1977, historians of the Third Reich have raised a challenging question about the importance of its Führer. "Structuralist" historians have argued that Hitler really didn't run the Nazi show--that major decisions were made and executed, not by a so-called "Führer," but by the internal dynamics of impersonal party, governmental, and military structures. Indeed one influential German historian has concluded that Hitler was actually a "weak dictator" who acquiesced to forces he could not control.

This recent research in institutional history has made valuable contributions to our knowledge of how the Nazi government actually functioned. Yet, in my view, it does not displace Adolf Hitler as the dominating force of the Third Reich.

Nor can it respond adequately to some of the most intriguing questions of all history: How could this peculiar person, at once so terrible and banal, evoke such enthusiastic support from the German people? What was he really like, this little man with the Charlie Chaplin moustache, who bestrode Europe like a colossus and established one of the most vicious and certainly the most popular tyrannies the world has ever known?

This book was written in an effort to respond to these questions, to discover the warped person within the murderous dictator, and to suggest ways in which Hitler's psychopathology contributed to his rise to power, affected his public policy, and propelled his downfall.

The text has not been substantially altered and the pagination remains the same as in the original edition. Any modifications that I have made in my conclusions about Hitler in the fifteen years since this book was first published will be incorporated in the work I am now completing, Kaiser and Führer:
A Comparative Study of Personatily and Politics

R. G. L. W.

Williamstown and Temagami July 1992 . . .

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