President Coolidge

President Coolidge

President Coolidge

President Coolidge


In the spring of 1920 Calvin Coolidge was under consideration as a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency. An organization in behalf of this candidacy had begun operations when Governor Coolidge issued a formal statement saying that he was not a candidate. He did so because he regarded it as not proper for the Governor of Massachusetts to enter a contest for delegates. This statement by him placed those advocating his nomination in a difficult position. The movement to nominate him continued, but without his consent, and without any consultation with him thereafter.

When the delegates and others arrived in Chicago in June for the Republican National Convention, one of his friends undertook to draw from Mr. Coolidge a statement which might be helpful. He drafted a telegram thus: --

"Your friends here all send their best wishes and want to know if you are a candidate. What shall I tell them?"

He believed this telegram would produce an interesting reply. It did. The reply was this: --

"Thank my friends for their good wishes and tell them the truth."

It is in accord with the spirit of the Governor's telegram on that occasion that this book is written: "Tell them the truth."

E. E. W.

October 15, 1923 . . .

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