The New Economic Warfare


There are three general ways in which warfare and the economic life of nations are related. Firstly, there are the economic backgrounds out of which wars develop. These matters -- imperialism, trade and financial discriminations, and international economic rivalries -- have received much scholarly scrutiny in the period since 1918. The present study does not examine this already much-explored field. Secondly, there are the economic necessities involved in waging war. It is with these matters, defensive and offensive, basic and strategic, that this book is principally concerned. Thirdly, there are the economic aspirations which each of the two sides in international war seek to serve. Two patterns for economic life in the world at large, one as it will be if Germany and her Axis associates win the present war, the other as it will be if Britain and her allies win, are sketched in the final chapter of this study.

The economic necessities involved in waging war comprise a subject as old as warfare itself. But the arts of war always have advanced. Their progress in recent times has been so rapid and so far-reaching as to impose an unprecedented strain on the economic structure . . .

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  • New York
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  • 1941


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