Business Leadership and Culture: National Management Styles in the Global Economy


'Throughout, Bjerke carefully cites the supporting literature of the general social sciences as well as that of management and business organization. The volume's cumulative development is impressive in its marshalling of the diverse approaches and insights while probing into the special characteristics of each of the five national cultures selected.... Recommended for international business collections, upper-division undergraduate through professional.' - J.C. Thompson, Choice How do business leaders think as a result of their national culture? This book provides a discussion and comparative analysis of five major cultures - American, Arab, Chinese, Japanese and Scandinavian - and how they reveal themselves in business practice. The author begins by introducing the concept of culture and why it is important, addressing issues such as values, beliefs and assumptions and the consequences of these. Bj¿rn Bjerke then goes on to address corporate culture and business strategy as well as some myths associated with national cultures. Looking at the five specific cultures he addresses cultural themes and presents a typified picture of the business leader in each of these. He concludes that there are five different capitalist systems governing these cultures, and that the business leader plays a different role in each. Extending this discussion, the author questions whether the culture-free business leader exists and, if so, what the characteristics of such a person might be. Business Leadership and Culture will enlighten students, scholars and business people about the consequences of culture for international business and management.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Cheltenham, England
Publication year:
  • 1999


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