The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877

The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877

The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877

The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader, 1865-1877


Addressing the Nebraska Indian Wars between 1865 and 1877, this anthology of well-written articles from the journal NEBRASKA HISTORY is the essential introduction to a bitterly contested period in the state's history. R. Eli Paul has assembled a first-rate anthology of eyewitness accounts and the most significant historical scholarship on the subject. 32 photos. map.


The dramatic conflicts between the Indian and the white man on the successive frontiers of the United States form a colorful chapter in the nation's history. As each new wave of white population moved westward, the attempts of the Indian to preserve his birthright resulted in a new Indian war. Early in the decade of the 1850s, it was Nebraska's turn to feel the impact of a conflict that would continue intermittently for a quarter of a century.

Although many other states have placed greater emphasis upon their participation in the Indian wars, Nebraska may claim a similar era in her history--one which was often as vivid and stirring as that of any other state. Notable expeditions marched through Nebraska's river valleys and over her plains, battles were fought on her soil, and military posts protected her burgeoning population. Yet the sites of these events are often unmarked, and the names of the men who participated in them are often only dimly remembered. Followed by other such dramatic events as the coming of the cattleman and the farmer and the rise of urban centers, the pageant of Nebraska's military frontier has been largely forgotten.

Any undue neglect is to be regretted, for these were years that--for all the violence and tragedy of Indian war--were both exciting and of significance to the developing state of Nebraska. It is not the purpose of this paper to refight these wars bullet-for-arrow, but rather to attempt a survey of the military frontier of Nebraska, with special emphasis upon that period when the Indian-fighting army was most closely associated with the people of western Nebraska.

Nebraska's involvement in the Indian wars lasted just as long as the period of warfare in the entire Great Plains region--from 1854 to 1890. If the Indian wars may be called a "pageant," then Nebraska arrived at curtain time and stayed for the whole show. But it was during the late . . .

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