Stage Rigging Handbook


Succinct and jargon free, Stage Rigging Handbook remains the only book in any language that covers the design, operation, and maintenance of stage rigging equipment. It is written in an at-a-glance outline form, yet contains in-depth information available nowhere else. This second edition includes two new parts: the first, and expanded discussion of the forces and loads on stage rigging components and the structure supporting them; the second, an examination of block and tackle rigging. The remaining four parts contain numerous revisions. Explaining his purpose, Jay O. Glerum points out that four main principles make up the core of this book: know the rigging system; know that it is in safe working order; know how to use it; keep your concentration. Glerum applies these principles to all of the major types of stage rigging systems, including block and tackle, hemp, counterweight, and motorized. He describes each type of rigging, then thoroughly reviews the operating procedures and ways of inspecting existing systems.


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