The Long Arm of Lee, Or, the History of the Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia - Vol. 1


Originally published in 1915, when Jennings Cropper Wise was commandant of the Virginia Military Institute, The Long Arm of Lee has never been surpassed as an authoritative study of the Confederate artillery in the Civil War. Volume 1 described the organization and tactics of the field batteries of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia from the time of the Battle of Bull Run through the Maryland invasion. Volume 2, beginning with an account of the Chancellorsville campaign, includes a close look at the Battle of Gettysburg, in which tactical errors made by the Confederate side are reassessed. There was heroism aplenty, not only from generals like J. E. B. Stuart and Stonewall Jackson but also from ordinary artillerymen who fought doggedly and resignedly until the end.


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