South Carolina: A Guide to the Palmetto State

South Carolina: A Guide to the Palmetto State

South Carolina: A Guide to the Palmetto State

South Carolina: A Guide to the Palmetto State


In preparing, South Carolina, A Guide to the Palmetto State, we hoped to present the subject as a well-rounded whole for two groups of people: South Carolinians who want to know more of their State and others who want to know the whys and wherefores about us. The task has been tremendous, because so many interesting facts have been discovered; and condensation has not been the least of our labors. There was the disagreement of historians as to fact, and the argument between fact and fancy. Yet, on the whole, the work has been fascinating and most informative. To get the scent of a good story and trail it for months in and out of libraries, old newspaper files, private papers, and finally to catch it by the tail has been an adventure multiplied hundreds of times.

'South Carolina is the least written about and the least understood of all the States that have played an important part in our history,' asserted a Northern historian. Through this Guide, we hope to allay some of this criticism, though we realize how briefly one small volume can cover the 400 years of activity and development. We hope the book is balanced--not too much of solemn fact, not too much of obvious tradition, not too much description, not too many dates.

Besides the members of our project, many persons whose love of South Carolina prompted them to give of their time and learning have helped toward the completion of our Guide.

Co-operation of numerous organizations has also encouraged our work and we express our thanks to Federal and State departments, civic bodies, libraries, chambers of commerce, patriotic clubs, and newspapers. Without such outside aid we should have had little confidence in our success. Grateful acknowledgment is extended to all who had a part in supplying information. In the Appendices is a list of the many specialists who assisted, and also a list of the 1940 census figures.

MABEL MONTGOMERY, State Supervisor

LOUISE J. DUBOSE, Assistant State Supervisor


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